A Second Life For Instructors

A meeting with Berry Beattie, an instructor in Authority and Authoritative Conduct who is investigating the capability of Second Life as a mode for teachers. We are sitting in Berry’s “office”, which comprises of certain loungers on a tropical shoreline. The sound of lapping waves and the call of seagulls can be heard out of […]

Preliminaries Of Life Is Typical

Life preliminaries and good and bad times are ordinary and must be experienced by men in a single time or the other. The thing that matters is that some experience tough occasions and attempting times prior in their life time while others may encounter it later on throughout everyday life, except it should without a […]

Carrying on with a Long Solid Life is No Mishap

I have lived more years then I want to consider however fortunately they have all been sound years. Presently this didn’t occur on the grounds that I have ‘great qualities’ (I don’t) or in light of the fact that I lucked out and beat the chances (no such karma), no this happened on the grounds […]

Basic Advances That Lead to Satisfaction

I have spent a lot of my life scanning for satisfaction. I have principally searched for it in sentimental connections, which just finished up in separation, absolutely not in cash or assets, in light of the fact that luckily I am not especially materialistic and I battled for a considerable length of time to change […]